About us

Founded in 2020, Pieces of Tomorrow is a lifestyle brand based in The Netherlands with an eye for combining design, function and colour. The mission of Pieces of Tomorrow is to bring more joy into everyday life. Pieces of Tomorrow creates products to brighten up the everyday with the use of colour as an essential aspect of the products. The attitude of Pieces of Tomorrow is one of learning; the idea is to make make, learn and improve and to become better everyday. We enjoy the idea of collaborative design, working together with our customers to improve the product range.

Pieces of Tomorrow started with creating face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic from the idea to make protection and safety precautions from the virus a more positive experience. We will build our product portfolio gradually based on how we can extend the idea to make everyday living more enjoyable.

We do not want to create new waste, Pieces of Tomorrow’s production is made In Europe and made in small batches. We using better materials for the environment such as ecological cotton, we make reusable items to prevent waste. The idea is to be valid today and tomorrow.

Pieces of Tomorrow sells online and is looking for global retail partners.